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Medical Transcription Service



We are aware of the fact that, on August 21, 1996, President Clinton signed the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, known as HIPAA. This law impacts all areas of the health care industry and was designed to improve the efficiency of health care by standardizing the exchange of administrative and financial data, and to protect the privacy, confidentiality and security of health care information.

• We have 24X7 security personnel manning our office.
• All the external drives including floppy disk drives are disabled on each computer.
• Our computers require passwords to start Windows and another password to access Word folders.
• We have spyware and antivirus software on all the computers and update virus definitions   frequently.
• Monthly back-ups of computer systems will be done and stored in a locked outbuilding on our   property.
• We currently have all our employees the signed confidentiality and non-disclosure agreement.
• All client related information when using the Internet is handled in secure 256-bit SSL encryption.
• All the file-transactions and management system is through secure 256-bit SSL encryption and with   third party certification (similar to Verisign).
• We have instituted security measures to protect the security and integrity of protected information   according to HIPAA guidelines.
• Technical evaluations are performed on a routine basis to make sure all systems meet or exceed   specified security requirements.
• All persons, administrators and transcriptionists, who have access to any sensitive information,   patient records, or voice files, etc., have the appropriate clearances and have signed confidentiality   agreements.
• We have provided privacy, security, and confidentiality awareness training to our entire workforce.   Our compliance decisions are based on sound business practices and meet and exceed HIPAA.